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Published May 29, 2011 by myliteraryleanings

Welcome book lovers everywhere.  My goal for this blog is to rate only books that I love and that can get for free or at least cheaply.  Most of them come from the Nook books that Barnes and Noble offer for free and the rest will either come from the public library or, when I have money, I might, gasp, actually pay for one.  (As an aspiring writer myself, my goal is to do this more often and thus support my fellow writers.)  My hope is that other readers like me will find them as enjoyable as I do and not get bogged down in sexually explicit, profane, or violent content.  I don’t know about you but I often get frustrated when I start a new book that has a great story at first and am enjoying myself when, bam, I get assaulted with graphic images of a violent or sexual nature which ruin the experience for me.  I don’t want any more nightmares than I already have and if I wanted to read a porn book, I would have gone to an adult book store so all I ask of my favorite authors is that they please not jar me out of the story with something that is put in mostly for shock value.  Others may like those type of books but not me.

As I mentioned before though, I am also an aspiring writer and a sensitive person.  (I know, not a good combination but I do my best.)  Therefore, I am trying to avoid belittling other writers or their books since I know how much work it takes to write well and hold a reader’s attention through a 200 plus page story.  I am not sure that I can yet boost of being able to do this myself so I feel small when I criticize another author and I don’t like feeling that way.  For now, I prefer not to criticize and only review books that I can complement.  (Sorry if this takes some of the mystery out of my blog.)  I do promise to mention why I like the book I am reviewing and what you might get out of it without giving away too many major plot points.  Although I welcome comments here, please keep in mind that my reviews of these books are based on nothing more than my own personal opinion.  I hope you enjoy it and in the process find some good stories to read.


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