2011 Year End Best

Published January 1, 2012 by myliteraryleanings

2011 Year End Best Books

To celebrate the new year and remember the old, I thought I would take this opportunity to make a list of what I think are the ten best books of those I reviewed since I started this blog six or seven months ago. As you will see they covered different genres and time periods. They also included both e-books and printed books. Next week I will be back with another book review. In fact the book I am reading right now is so long that I have not yet been able to finish it but I should be done by next week and will then publish my review. Until then, happy new year everyone.

The List:

1. Anne Of Green Gables: This was a charming tale of an orphan girl who is taken in by a brother and sister who think all they need is extra help on the farm. What they get is so much more.

2. A Christmas Carol: I think most of you know this one but just in case, this is the tale of the miserly Scrooge who learns to believe in Christmas with the help of three spirits.

3. Viola In Reel Life: The story of a young girl from New York who is sent off to boarding school in the Midwest. A great and unique coming-of-age story of a girl who knows what she wants but needs to figure out how to get there.

4. Francesca’s Kitchen: At the other end of the spectrum age-wise, Francesca is a bright but lonely older woman who feels abandoned by her children, two of whom have moved to other states. She learns to feel needed again when she takes on a baby-sitting job for two children of a single mother.

5. 13 Little Blue Envelopes: The story of a teenage girl who goes on a trek across Europe to fulfill the last wishes of her aunt. Along the way she learns to love and follow her dead aunt’s instructions via the envelopes that she must carry with her on her voyage.

6. Bright Young Things: The story of two young girls, one who has just gotten married, who decide that life in small-town Ohio isn’t big enough for them. They travel to New York City where they plan to make their fortunes and track down long-lost loved ones.

7. The Call Of The Wild: The story of a domesticated dog that ends up far from home. He later becomes leader of his pack, learning to put his domesticity aside to heed “the call of the wild.”

8. War Brides: This one surprised me. I found it as a low-priced e-book on www.bn.com. It is the story of a group of women that are brought together by the horrors of World War II and live together in the same English town. Together they are changed by the war while they grow as individuals.

9. Listen: The story of a small town torn apart by a new website that pops up detailing the conversations of its residents, both good and bad. A modern-day parable of the power of words.

10. Untouchable: The story of a family of two, torn apart by the death of the wife and mother. When Lucy Darby dies/disappears, her son stops speaking and her husband stops feeling. Together they try to overcome the hole that she has left in their lives and learn to cope with reality.


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