Daniel’s Gift

Published September 1, 2012 by myliteraryleanings

Review of Daniel’s Gift by Barbara Freethy

Overview from www.bn.com: In her impetuous summer of love, Jenny St. Claire found Luke Sheridan — her dashing knight in intern’s scrubs. But a fast-track future and rigid, ambitious parents drove passion out of Luke’s life. And the summer ended, leaving Jenny with a broken heart… and a beautiful son, Danny, to help mend it.

Years later it is tragedy that reunites them — the father whom a son longs to know, and the mother who has tried desperately to forget. And as Luke and Jenny struggle to ignore the pain and desire reborn in a look and a touch, only the remarkable courage of a young boy — and the help of a rather unorthodox guardian angel — can offer them the most precious gift of all: a second chance at the love of a lifetime.

My Review:

This book is basically It’s A Wonderful Life meets any Nicholas Sparks novel you might ever read. The title character is a twelve-year-old named Danny (even though he is called Daniel in the title) St. Claire and thus we begin our story with a peak inside the lives of Danny and his mom, Jenny.

Jenny is a single mother doing her best to raise Danny alone with no involvement from the boy’s biologically father, a man named Luke Sheridan who she had a brief fling with as a young woman. Now in her thirties, Jenny works hard at a full-time job as well as an attempt to start her own jewelry business.

Danny feels neglected by his mom’s busy schedule as well as the fact that he has no father in his life-like his friends do. He starts asking questions about his Dad but his mom doesn’t want to answer them. When Danny discovers that his Dad has recently moved back to San Francisco, he leaves the house without her permission to find him.

That is when tragedy strikes. After being denied the chance to speak with his father, his is struck by a hit-and-run driver on his way back to his mothers. A friend who is with him calls for help but it seems to be too late as Danny winds up in a coma in the local hospital where the doctors give long odds that he’ll ever wake up again.

His mother falls apart at first and begs God to take her instead. Meanwhile Danny tours the hospital with his guardian angel who says he still has a few more things to learn before he will find out what happens to him and his parents.

The story is somewhat long at eight hundred or so pages, though I must point out that the pages in this e-book are shorter than most. But throughout the book, Danny is changing the lives of those around him despite the fact that he is in a comatose state. As his life hangs in the balance, his family draws closer to each other than ever before. His gift will aways be in the hearts and minds of his family members whether or not God gives him the chance to live. This is Danny’s gift. This novel is the author’s and it is a good one.

Contains: some sexuality that made me a little uncomfortable (this is an adult book and should only be read by adults in my opinion), some swearing

P.S. Right now this book is only $2.99 on the Nook.


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