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Published July 13, 2013 by myliteraryleanings

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Review of The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson

Overview from

Kevin Emerson’s The Lost Code, first in the Alanteans series, tells the story of a near-future earth ravaged by global climate change. Owen Parker is about to learn that it isn’t the first time the planet has been near destruction. Owen’s ancestors were part of an ancient race whose advanced technology once almost destroyed the world.

With the help of a mysterious, enchanting girl named Lily, Owen will have to understand his history and his genetic code to prevent global annihilation. He will also have to leave the bio-dome that keeps him safe and brave the post-apocalyptic wasteland beyond.

Teens fascinated by the dark dystopian world of Divergent and mythology of the Percy Jackson series will want to read The Lost Code.

My Review:

It has been awhile since I ventured into the world of Young Adult and this time when I do it I am also returning to the world of Sci-Fi. It is not a world that I visit often.

Well, to be fair, The Lost Code is really more of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy I think as it combines elements of the two. The summary I read from Barnes & Noble described it I think as dystopian. I had to look up exactly what that word meant to be sure and if I understand correctly it is the opposite of utopian.

But back to the book. Our story features a young guy named Owen. He lives about one hundred years into the future or thereabouts if I remember correctly. When we meet him he is at summer camp. Yep, they still have summer camp in the future apparently but it is not exactly the same as most summer camps most of us have been to I’m guessing.

Here they have archery and swimming but they also have games like “Predator/Prey.” I think you can figure out what that is about.

Anyway, it is during a swimming competition that we first see Owen. He desperately wants to win the contest because it will give him more camp privileges but at the same time he will have the chance to impress Lilly, an older girl who is sort of in charge of their group.

Problem is: Owen doesn’t swim well. In fact, he hardly swims at all. But surprising all goes well until he gets to the butterfly stroke and then he goes under. He nearly drowns. Lilly saves him but, as he finds out later, he had managed to survive underwater for eleven minutes. How did he do that?

The answer is as it turns out later, he has grown gills. And it turns out that a handful of kids at this camp have already grown gills. They find out about him and take him under their wings, or gills. Together they try to find out why they are changing and what they should do with their gills when the camp is invaded and Owen starts seeing things. Now, he is forced to take sides and find answers about his heritage.

This story is the first in a series called “The Atlanteans.” I believe book two just came out which is the reason for this being a Free Friday offering I presume. I might decide to read book two in the future but I am not sure yet. It was a good story but I don’t know if the budget will allow me to continue with the next one. We’ll see.

I liked the characters of Owen and Lilly. I even liked Evan and Leech who were mostly antagonists. The view of the future that is presented here is of course not the best one but it seems like it might get better now that Owen knows what he has to do.

Also, I liked how the story was mostly clean yet entertaining. There were a few four-letter words and some violence but nothing like some of the other books B & N has given away. I recommend for anyone fourteen and above. It’s a great read and it’s not too heavy.

Contains: some violence and language

For further information you can click on this link and watch the trailer.

I would post it myself but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.


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